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New Video – Surviving the Bolivian Death Road

Those of you that follow the website have all seen the photos from the “World’s Most Dangerous Road.” Many call this road the “Death Road,” due to the high number of people that die at the mercy of the steep cliff faces that the narrow road skirts as it drops over 10,000 ft on its way to the jungle and eventually to the Amazon in Brazil. This road is equally exciting because of the danger it presents, but also the diversity in scenery. At the top it is cold and crisp with snow capped peaks surrounding the start point.

New Photos – Lots of Them

I have been spending a lot of time recently trying to get to the point of where we have all of our photos up on the website. Unfortunately, the world was just so damn cool and we had a shutter happy bunch of crew members so trying to sort through over 27,000 photos to caption and upload is taking quite a bit of time. That’s right, 27,000 photos.

Hasta Luego Melissa, Hola Celeste

It is a hard road out there. Nearly everyone has cracked at some point, including me and Bouey. We have had a handful that vowed a desire to finish the expedition with us, we have had a handful that realized quickly this was not for them. Being part of the crew is not like traveling, it is not like vacation, it is a job…without pay, other than the experience of a lifetime. And it is a seriously difficult job.

Photo of the Week- SW Bolivia

Without the distraction of harsh city lights, the southern constellation of stars can be seen at their most amazing glory from our campsite at the thermal pools in Reserva Eduardo, South West Bolivia.

La Paz – la ciudad más loca del mundo

There is no doubt about it. La Paz, Bolivia is one of the craziest, most interesting cities I have ever been to. No other city seems to generate as many questions or spark more curiosity than La Paz. Sitting at just under 12,000 feet above sea level, the altitude alone makes La Paz a unique place and as a result, it is home to the highest pretty much everything.

Better Late Than Never

Well, I guess I can not really say never, because we did get the trucks blessed by some kind and generous monks in Thailand, so maybe you can consider the blessing of the trucks in Copacabana, Bolivia an after-the-fact kudos to the powers that be.

Death Road, Shmeth Road

“You have driven to Timbuktu?!” is a statement we regularly hear. It is a place that is in everyone’s head as somewhere far and away. Timbuktu, like the Great Wall of China, or the Outback in Australia are all places that we put on the list when planning the adventure. The Gobi

The miner’s party pack.

“Okay, mas rapido por favor,” Melissa said jokingly to the group. The guide turned and said, “Do you have somewhere you need to be this afternoon?” At this point we were already 5 levels deep in a Bolivian mine at 13,500 ft.

Into The Great White Open

Salar de Uyuni is a name that many people might not immediately recognize, but photos of this massive salt pan are known throughout the world. Unfortunately, photos of this natural wonder do not really do the salar any justice as its immense scale is simply too large to really document let alone comprehend unless you visit Uyuni firsthand in person.

Reaching New Heights

Headache, insomnia, breathlessness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite and in more serious cases, lack of coordination, confusion, difficulty breathing and coughing up frothy, bloody phlegm. These are all the signs and symptoms of altitude sickness.