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What make’s The World by Road valuable to sponsors?

The World by Road is an expedition that has successfully circumnavigated the globe through 68 different countries, over 6 continents, covering 70,000 miles while producing compelling content for millions of viewers. Our commitment to finishing this monumentous task has proven to inspire our audience and keep it steadily growing since we started the project 2 years ago. This captive audience is tied to our story and follows us daily with over 3 million hits per month. Beyond that, the trucks are on the road or parked in major cities every day and are highly visible and command attention. Sponsors logos are seen by tens of thousands daily as a supporter of this journey. Because of the excitement of the journey and our upcoming speaking tour and documentary, we offer incredible short term and long term benefits. With the final segment of the expedition rapidly approaching, now is the time to get in on the most exciting part of the trip…the journey home.

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Executive Summary

Sponsor Info Packet

Why sponsor us?

With all of the options and other events out there requesting sponsorship, the choice can be difficult. We make that choice easy.  Although we encourage our sponsors to support us for longer periods to gain more benefits of sponsorship, we are very flexible in our agreements. The reason for our flexibility is that we believe that our performance speaks for itself. Not only do sponsors get the benefits of our large network of exposure, we also have a library of video, photo and written content to help with sponsor’s marking campaigns. Short term beneifts are the immediate exposure and the constant media coverage (we have been in media over 75 times worldwide), but long term the benefits will continue even after the sponsorship is over when we release our documentary, publish our guidebook and travelogue, and begin the nationwide speaking tour.

How do I learn more about the costs and process of sponsoring the expedition?

First, you can read the executive summary below or download it here . Then you can read even more in depth in our sponsor packet. All of our sponsorship agreements are setup to fit the needs of sponsors. We can quickly put together a package for any interested parties to give potential sponsors a better representation of expected ROI and costs.

Please contact:

Steven Shoppman
Expedition Leader
Email: steve@theworldbyroad.com
Phone: 720.987.5977
Skype: steven.shoppman
Windows Live: steven.shoppman@gmail.com

Executive Summary

Mission and Purpose: From the construction of schools in Indonesia to wildlife and rainforest preservation in Thailand, TWBR is promoting humanitarian, environmental and other aid organizations on a wide range of issues. Via television, magazine articles, newspapers and various Internet outlets, TWBR promotes these organizations’ beneficial work to increase support, education and awareness of their worthy causes that otherwise would remain unknown. Through interesting content and speaking across the USA, The World by Road strives to further international education by direct interaction and presentations to captive audiences, using their incredible journey as a medium to present the world.

Expedition Statistics:

Start Date: February 2007

Estimated Duration: 2.5 years

Mode of Transport: 2007 Toyota Tundra and 2004 Toyota Sequoia

Estimated Forward Mileage: 75,918 (114,131km)

Itinerary: 70 countries, six continents, two hemispheres

Website: http://www.theworldbyroad.com

Sponsor Website: http://www.theworldbyroad.com/sponsor_us.php

Exposure and Media Coverage:

Promotions: We attend festivals and other events, meeting our audience and sharing our experiences first hand. We are available to be scheduled for specific events and promotions.

Television: We are currently in talks with several distribution companies about where our documentary will air upon its completion. Discovery networks, Travel Channel and MTV have shown interest in the project.

National and International Media Appearances (75+ appearances internationally): We have appeared in numerous media outlets including ABC National Radio in Australia, KTLA in Los Angeles, Laos National Radio, The Guardian in London, England, The National AP Newswire and many more. Our appearances have already reached audiences totaling over 100 million viewers worldwide.

Documentary: Over the course of the expedition we have published edited, narrated video clips that are available regularly through the website. The end result will be a feature length documentary of the entire trip. We have started negotiations with people from the Travel Channel, MTV and others.

Book: Our publishing agent has a handful of interested parties in two books we are currently working on. First is a guidebook to help others learn the ropes of traveling overland in obscure places. The second is a book chronicling our adventures of our circumnavigation of the globe. Sponsors have the opportunity to get their products included in the guidebook.

Website (Over 3 million hits per month): We update our website daily with content indexed in all major search engines and translated into 15 languages. We have fully searchable high definition video and photo galleries, and country guides with information about where to stay, general country info, and what to do while there.

Speaking Tour: Our staff is scheduling a tour starting in January 2010 at schools and universities across the United States to progress international education and inspire today’s youth to get more interested and active in the world.

Our Web and Exposure Statistics


YouTube and (TWBR’s videos can receive as many as 100,000 views per day):
Our current agreement has our content featured on the YouTube homepage regularly. We have had views of 2,000-10,000 per day of our featured videos.

TravelBlogs.com :
Our content is regularly featured on this site relating to all topics about world travel. As a subsidiary of www.travellerspoint.com, this sends a lot of relevant traffic to our site.

TWBR Website

User visits per month: 80,000

Projected user visits per month by July 09: 150,000

Website hits per month: 3 million

Projected website hits per month by July 09: 7 million

**About our rankings in Search Engines: Our site is indexed in Google daily, so anything we write about comes up in the major search engines immediately after posting. For many topics related to travel, adventure, hotels, activites, and travel information, we come up on the first page. Links from our site can help to increase your search position on Google for whatever search terms you may be interested in.


Altitude TV (Over 8 million viewers)