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Photo of the Week- SW Bolivia

Without the distraction of harsh city lights, the southern constellation of stars can be seen at their most amazing glory from our campsite at the thermal pools in Reserva Eduardo, South West Bolivia.

Photo of the Week- Chaiten

Nothing could be stranger than seeing cars, houses, playgrounds and an entire town buried under several feet of volcanic mud after the erruption of Volcano Chaiten in Chile.

Photo of the Week- Puerto Natales

f you ever doubted that Patagonia was amongst one the windiest places on earth, this photo should put your mind to rest. The photo was taken whilst we were in Puerto Natales waiting for the Navimag ferry to take us further north in Chile. On this particular day, the wind was so strong it managed to pick up our tent and blow it over the two meter barbed wire fence into the neighbors yard, shredding the outer material to pieces. A tent weighs nearly nothing, however the tent was not only pegged but also tied down, as well as weighted with a few packs and some bedding, which also managed to get a little tattered.

Photo of the Week- NW Argentina

One tends to get creative on the open road in the middle of the desert; by the looks of it a local Argentinean trucker decided to amuse himself by playing taxidermist. The World by Road sticker