Title Sponsors

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toy_tec Toytec Lifts was started in 2002 with a simple idea for Toyota lift kits at a reasonable price. They sponsored the new much needed suspension kits for the trucks when we were in Mongolia, and although they may have a commitment to low prices, the quality of their products is held to an extremely high standard. With a myriad of different products from front coil overs, rear lift shackles, shock extenders, rear LCA skids, and coil springs they are the place to go for improved suspension on your truck. As a manufacturer that still sells direct to the consumer ToyTec Lifts can save you as much as 40% off prices. With such great prices on their products and a chance to test these suspension kits on the road, we wonder why we ever drove Little Pepe and the Thundra without them.
performance Performance Tire and Wheel has provided us with new wheels and tires for the vehicles. Since the wheels and tires that come stock on a vehicle are not exactly designed for the roads and terrain that we will be encountering, we needed to do some upgrades. Our friends at performance made sure that we have the right setup for the expedition. They will also be providing ongoing support whenever we have flats or problems along the way. As the largest independent wheel and tire dealer in the United States and a local Colorado company, we should have no problems in this department. Click the logo to the left to checkout their online store with great deals on tires and rims.
image YouTube is featuring our video clips on their video site. Currently some featured clips average nearly 100,000 views per day. It is exciting to have the opportunity to syndicate our content to the growing YouTube audience.

A1 A1 Scuba is our partner for all of our scuba equipment and activities. They have generously donated all of our essential scuba gear including fins, regulators, masks, snorkels, and underwater housing for our cameras. They will also be using their travel agency to help line up cool and interesting dive sites for us to visit and do stories on. Whenever we do a story with A1 we will have it all lined up with more info so all of you can easily learn more about how to get to that destination and do the dive yourself. As a local company from our home in Colorado, we are very excited to have them on board as a partner
Cineform CineForm makes unparalleled video editing products. They have given us their Prospect HD program as an add on to Adobe Premiere Pro. This software will be an invaluable tool for us while editing HD video. They will also be on hand to provide us support with the software. If you are serious about editing and working with HD video, this software is the choice to take your work to the next level.
Yangtze River cruise Viking River Cruises has generously contributed financial support to the expedition.  Their top notch river cruises are a great alternative way to see the countryside of a place and enjoy excellent food, accommodation and activities.  Hopefully someday the crew will get to enjoy one of them.
RipBoard_Logo Rip Board has donated two of their classic model rip boards. These are like boogie boards for rivers. We will be taking these down many rivers throughout our travels. If you would like to try them out, go to the website. They take people out on regular trips all summer on the rivers in Colorado and you can also purchase the boards online.

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