New Video – Surviving the Bolivian Death Road

Those of you that follow the website have all seen the photos from the “World’s Most Dangerous Road.” Many call this road the “Death Road,” due to the high number of people that die at the mercy of the steep cliff faces that the narrow road skirts as it drops over 10,000 ft on its way to the jungle and eventually to the Amazon in Brazil.  This road is equally exciting because of the danger it presents, but also the diversity in scenery.  At the top it is cold and crisp with snow capped peaks surrounding the start point.  Over the 50 kms to the end of the road, an extreme drop in altitude leaves the finish in a lush jungle setting with raging rivers and tropical animals and the sounds that go along with them.

If there is a place in the world that can offer as much excitement and geographic amazement as this, please let me know where it is.  For anyone who likes adventure, the death road is the pinnacle of it and needs to be a place on your list.

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And here is the music from the video: