About The World By Road


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What is The World by Road: The World by Road is an expedition that has successfully circumnavigated the globe through 69 different countries, over 6 continents, covering 70,000 miles. After completing this journey, the continued mission of our organization is to increase international awareness and education by producing a book documentary and speaking tour. We believe that a nation full of critical thinkers and internationally conscious citizens is a better place and are committed to progressing this idea.

Mission and Purpose: From the construction of schools in Indonesia to wildlife and rainforest preservation in Thailand, TWBR is promoting humanitarian, environmental and other aid organizations on a wide range of issues. Via television, magazine articles, newspapers and various Internet outlets, TWBR promotes these organizations’ beneficial work to increase support, education and awareness of their worthy causes that otherwise would remain unknown. Through interesting content and speaking across the USA, The World by Road strives to further international education by direct interaction and presentations to captive audiences, using their incredible journey as a medium to present the world.

Expedition Statistics:

Start Date: February 2007

Estimated Duration: 2.5 years

Mode of Transport: 2007 Toyota Tundra and 2004 Toyota Sequoia

Estimated Forward Mileage: 75,918 (114,131km)

Itinerary: 70 countries, six continents, two hemispheres

“Many of the travelers…are no more than runners, long distance runners who chase madly around the globe, running away from discipline…and the square world. But others… are running toward rather than from… these are the true travelers, the ones to whom travel is a way of life rather than an escape from life…”- Harold Stephens