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Precious Feet – One World Running

As many of you know, I am a pretty serious runner and triathlete. One of the hardest things for me to adjust to on the expedition was leaving my bike behind and not being able to commit to any regular exercise routine. Sure, I was able to get the odd run in here and there, […]

Thank you everyone for voting!

The voting ended for the Reader’s Choice Adventurer of the Year Award. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to vote for us. Unfortunately we did not win, however, since the issue that featured us as Adventurers of the Year was the last issue of National Geographic Adventure in print, the prize of being featured in a future issue is no longer to be awarded.

Can we get some validation please?…Thanks National Geographic

When we first came up for the idea for this adventure, often we would hear from people, “That sounds like one heck of a vacation.”

“How lucky you two are to be able to do something like this,” many would say. Breaking the stigma that we were going on some easy road trip vacation to exotic places proved to be near impossible. We knew, and every day with more and more research, we were absolutely positive that an adventure of a lifetime preceded us. Still, rarely would we find someone willing to listen to our pleading that this was a true expedition that would go far beyond

1000 Miles Later

One month ago we set out from Denver for the great wide open wilderness of Alaska. Before leaving, Craig and I conducted considerable research on the last section of road to Prudhoe Bay named the James W. Dalton highway. I found a website with an entire page devoted to the road named The Dalton Highway, “The Haul Road.”

For those who missed it

We were on Whole Wheat Radio a few days ago. It was an amazing time. Jim is one of the coolest characters on the planet, and if you are ever in Talkeetna, I certainly recommend paying Whole Wheat a visit. Also if you like independent music, he has 24 hour streaming music online.

We are on Whole Wheat Radio today!

Make sure to listen in at 3pm Alaska time today when we are on the webcast Whole Wheat Radio. It should be an amazing time, we met Jim, the host of the show yesterday.  He has at least as cool of a story as we do.

The funny photo

After being interviewed for TV, radio, and newspapers in many different places around the world, the bulk of the content about the expedition has been pretty straight forward. Often the questions we are asked are similar, the topics are similar, and the photos or video is somewhat traditional.

Check out the latest story about us on

We did an interview with Daryn Kagan a while ago, a former CNN news anchor gone independent.  She now has her own website with “happy news” and we were the latest story that she has put together.  It is nice to see that some people are doing a great job reporting on positive news instead of the sensational sad stories regularly out there.

Alaska, The Final Frontier Fundraiser and Exhibition

Date and Time: Thursday, May 14th from 6pm – Midnight


The Soiled Dove Underground at Lowry
7401 E. 1st Ave.
Denver, CO 80230
Located east of the intersection of 1st Ave & Quebec Street


We have arrived

After over two years of being on the road, we have finally made it back to the point we started from. We are in Denver! It feels good to say, and it certainly feels good to know that we succeeded when many told us it was not possible or that we might fail. While we are completely out of money, the trucks are in desperate need of some help with all the lights flashing on the dashboards