We have arrived

After over two years of being on the road, we have finally made it back to the point we started from.  We are in Denver!  It feels good to say, and it certainly feels good to know that we succeeded when many told us it was not possible or that we might fail.  While we are completely out of money, the trucks are in desperate need of some help with all the lights flashing on the dashboards, and we have the monstrous task of finding funding to complete the journey by making it to Alaska, there is no doubt that we have accomplished something big.  As many have said though, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

There have not been a lot of blogs written lately, mostly because we have been out there in the media working to get more people interested in what we are trying to do and help us raise the funds we need to get this thing finished and then start the speaking tour. Nearly 70,000 miles from where we started the only way we could have accomplished this was with the help from everyone in the world from lodging to tanks of gas to meals, and now we are reaching out to find help here in the USA to help us finish this thing.

We will be working hard the next few weeks to get the photo galleries caught up, get more stories up about the adventure and get more video segments edited.  In the meantime there are a few ways you can help this expedition go down in history reaching all the farthest corners of all the continents.

1) Go to pay pal to help put gas in our tanks.  Click the button below, even the smallest of contributions will add up if everyone pitches in:

2) Contact us to advertise on our site.  You can pay to get links and logos on the site, or if you want to sponsor us or maybe know of a company that would be interested, we can get them some good publicity.  Email steve@theworldbyroad.com to learn more. Links in the sidebar are not that expensive for a lot of exposure.

3) Email ideas to us for fund raisers.  We are open to all of your ideas and need all the help we can get.

4) Help us get in the media.  If you know of anyone that works in radio, TV, or print.  Let them know about what we are trying to do.  The more press we can get, the better.

So on that note, here are a few links to the latest press we have received since our return.

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