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New Photos – Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay

At the end of a 500 mile road, in the middle of nowhere lies a town with a bleak name, of which no one knows where it came. It is freezing pretty much all year around, and no one calls this place home. It is where the famed Alaskan Pipeline begins and where millions and millions of barrels of oil continually pass to feed our need for oil.

1000 Miles Later

One month ago we set out from Denver for the great wide open wilderness of Alaska. Before leaving, Craig and I conducted considerable research on the last section of road to Prudhoe Bay named the James W. Dalton highway. I found a website with an entire page devoted to the road named The Dalton Highway, “The Haul Road.”

Photo of the Week: Final Milestone Reached

On Saturday, June 6, 2009 The World by Road reached it’s final major milestone. At the end of the Dalton Highway, in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, lies the Arctic Ocean. This is the most northern point in North America that one can drive, finishing one of the expeditions major goals. Steve chose to wear boots for his “dip” into the water as the ocean is still almost completely frozen over.