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Nels’ Notes: Nomadic Wandering Shenanigans April 5-12, 2009

It was another crazy week for us on the road. The week began in Austin at Hostelling International-Austin, where they graciously set up a dorm room/work room for us in their television room, and ended in one of the greatest cities in the world, Denver, Colorado. From Austin we made the 551 mile trek to Roswell, New Mexico, where UFO shops, museums and a research center showcase the 1947 Roswell UFO incident. A nice Days Inn on the main road through the town had both cable and high speed internet, so for the first time in awhile we were able to sit back, relax and got to watch the NCAA national championship game.

Welcome Home Exhibition

We have secured a location for the welcome home event. It will be at Club Vinyl at 1082 Broadway, 9PM April 17th. We have the whole rooftop available for the exhibition of our video, photos and stories and everyone is invited to come and see it all, meet the crew and see the trucks. The trucks will be parked out front of the venue on the street in the late afternoon and throughout the night.

For those of you that might want to meet us…

I have updated the timeline on the site so that everyone can have an idea of where we will be in the coming months.  We would love to have more people join up, even if for short periods of time to say hello.  So to all of my friends that have not made it out […]

The Overlander’s Guide to Last Minute Press Conferences

If you’ve got a story to tell, and you want the southern states of Argentina to be the first to know, then Esquel, Argentina should be your first stop! Speaking from experience, you’re going to want to head down to city hall (or wherever any major press conference is taking place) introduce yourself to at least one person with either a microphone, pen and paper, fancy hair do, etc. That is pretty much all it takes to get the attention of every other journalist in the vicinity. Don’t worry, they can resume their conference later.

New Bios and Expedition Crew

One of the main things that has been taking so much of our time for the last handful of months is putting together the new crew.  This time around we have a solid crew of 7 people leaving Buenos Aires with us.  Some will make it all the way home, some may have to leave […]

The Environment thing.

I guess when you ask for money from people, it is those people’s duty to question your merit.  Giving money to a group or a cause or an investment, whatever it may be, is something that requires a lot of thought.  So I suppose I can chalk all of the comments about our merit up […]

News News News

Since entering Europe we received quite the welcome from the local media outlets. In Bergen, Norway we were featured on the front page of the main newspaper in town. In London I was interviewed by the Guardian, and as we were told by a friend in London, it is one of the most respected newspapers […]

A Truck Tale

We were recently featured in an english speaking newspaper called the Sofia Echo in the capital city of Sofia in Bulgaria.  The link to the article is below. Click here for the article or click here to go to the Media Appearances page or click here to go directly to the Sofia Echo to read […]

Top ten reasons why Toy Tec changed(saved) our lives.

When we first encountered water that would could not get the trucks through in Laos, we realized that we could wait no longer for some lifts on the trucks.  With the roads as bad as they are in some parts of this journey, backtracking as little as 75km can take the better part of a […]

It’s actually quite easy.

A week does not go by without hearing the question, "How are you two funding this adventure?" The usual answer if we have the energy, takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 minutes. Of course we go through the usual explanation of the generosity of Stevinson Toyota, followed by the list of the rest of the […]