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Photo of the Week: All Smiles

At the Earthsong Lodge we had the pleasure of meeting Stryder. He is one of the many sled dogs that Jon & Karen Neirenberg keep for Jon’s guided dog sledding trips in winter in Denali National Park in Healy, Alaska.

Photo of the Week: Final Milestone Reached

On Saturday, June 6, 2009 The World by Road reached it’s final major milestone. At the end of the Dalton Highway, in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, lies the Arctic Ocean. This is the most northern point in North America that one can drive, finishing one of the expeditions major goals. Steve chose to wear boots for his “dip” into the water as the ocean is still almost completely frozen over.

Photos of the Week: Two Trucks, 4 Crew, a Warning Sign, Bighorn Sheep, & 2 Bears

There’s a very real risk of hitting some serious wildlife with your vehicle in Canada.

Photo of the Week: On the Road Again

We’re finally back on the road on our way to Alaska. Our first stop is Bozeman, Montana, with Steve’s friends and our very hospitable hosts Allan and Jen. Thanks to our new friends and sponsor Taboot Art for outfitting us with some hoodies and t-shirts for the final leg of the expedition.

Photo of the Week: Denver Post

Front page of the Denver Post. Read the article here. Monday, May 18, 2009. Finally on the road again this Thursday. Alaska or bust.

Special Thanks: Austin & Santa Fe

If you are a follower of The World by Road or have checked the website lately, maybe you’ve noticed our pleas for help and our upcoming fundraiser in order to raise money to finish the expedition. In reality, to make it back to Denver, we had to rely upon a few special places and people to help us get back to home base. What’s great is that these people and establishments are not only providing us with a much needed place to stay, but also that they are genuinely interested in our project and are happy to do their part to help us.

Photo of the Week: This Picture Needs a Caption

Please comment with a funny caption of this photo of Stephen Bouey.

Monterrey… Be Back Soon!

While all of the crew thoroughly enjoyed everywhere we stopped in Mexico, Monterrey proved to be a great final destination in a wonderful country. We also were blessed with some great hosts during our stay. Monterrey is located in the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon, about 3.5 hours drive from the Mexico/Texas border towns of Matamoros/Brownville, respectively. The city contains nearly 4 million people making it the 3rd largest metropolitan area in Mexico.

Photo of the Week: Reunion

On Saturday, April 11, we celebrated the return of the expedition to it’s starting point in Denver. Here are all the current, former, and temporary members of the crew that could make it. Thanks to family and friends for making the party possible.

Photo of the Week: Homecoming

Congrats to the Steve’s. After over two years of driving and almost 70 countries, you made it back home safe and sound. Arrived in Denver on Wednesday, April 8, 2009. If you’re in the Denver area come on out to our Welcome Home Party.