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How To Drive Through Chile Without Breaking The Bank

Even with the rising value of the US dollar and the dropping prices of oil worldwide, when you are on an overland expedition, you still need to be a little creative in order to conserve your budget. We have been on the road for about 20 months now and during that time, we have become pretty good at coming up with ways to stretch our money.

Keep on Crashing

I am sure everyone is anxiously watching the news outlets for glimmers of hope regarding the current global financial crisis. The value of people’s pensions plans are eroding, people are worried about having to work for another five years before they retire and Wall Street analysts and financial managers are wondering if they will have a job tomorrow. Actually, we here at the World by Road could not be more pleased with the current financial turmoil circling the globe.

Timing Is Everything

I know that we have posted a few blogs about our current financial situation recently and some of you are probably getting sick of it. The bottom line is we are struggling, but that is not going to deter us from finishing what we set out to do and that is to drive around the […]

Stats From The Road

Africa has been rough on both the trucks and the drivers here at The World by Road, but the wheels keep turning and the gas tab keeps adding up. Here are the most recent fuel prices, and distances covered. http://theworldbyroad.com/wordpress/mileage-fuel-consumption-and-cost

Something Is Not Right Here

The number one expense on The World by Road is fuel. To date, we have spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $23,000 on fuel. We thought that Africa was going to be cheap, and compared to Europe, it is, but it is still fairly expensive to fill up here in west central Africa. As a […]

More Stats From The Road…

Getting into Africa has eased the burden on our pocketbook to a certain extent. Hopefully the days of six dollar and eight dollar per gallon fuel are in our rearview mirror. Fuel is still a little bit on the expensive side for our own liking here in Africa, but at least we hit a tax […]