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Expedition Stats Update

It has been a while since the last update so here are the updated numbers of miles driven, money spent on gas and the fuel prices in the countries we have been to here in south America. We have only driven through five countries in South America so far, but have covered more than 10,000 miles.

Stats From The Road

Africa has been rough on both the trucks and the drivers here at The World by Road, but the wheels keep turning and the gas tab keeps adding up. Here are the most recent fuel prices, and distances covered.

More Stats From The Road…

Getting into Africa has eased the burden on our pocketbook to a certain extent. Hopefully the days of six dollar and eight dollar per gallon fuel are in our rearview mirror. Fuel is still a little bit on the expensive side for our own liking here in Africa, but at least we hit a tax […]

Mongolian Wedding Photos, etc.

While in Mongolia, Brendan (who was traveling with us at the time) and I had the unique and amazing opportunity to attend a traditional Mongolian wedding. The wedding took place in the countryside about 350 kms west of Ulaanbaatar. A traditional wedding lasts for about seven days and it was quite an experience. We made […]

More Stats From the Road

A few posts ago I wrote about how expensive fuel is in Turkey. We are breathing somewhat of a sigh of relief that we are no longer forking over $10 per gallon for gas. Unfortunately, fuel is still pretty expensive here in the EU and we have updated the stats page with just how much […]

Fuel costs and more

Earlier on Steve Bouey put together statistics about our fuel consumption and the cost of fuel in various countries. We have recently turned this into a static page on the site so that it is easily accessible to all of those adventurers out there that could use it. Soon we will be putting together even […]