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Welcome Home Exhibition

We have secured a location for the welcome home event. It will be at Club Vinyl at 1082 Broadway, 9PM April 17th. We have the whole rooftop available for the exhibition of our video, photos and stories and everyone is invited to come and see it all, meet the crew and see the trucks. The trucks will be parked out front of the venue on the street in the late afternoon and throughout the night.

Alden Houston a+ bar and grill

Meet and Greet The World By Road Crew:

4 P.M. to 6 P.M.

Look at the two Toyota trucks, view photos and video

Open to the Public and All Media Outlets

We are in Houston!! Come to Coffee Groundz

We are at Coffee Groundz in Houston.  Just arrived.  We will be here all afternoon and will be showing off our videos and photos this evening at 7pm.  Everyone is invited. Coffee Groundz is at: 2503 Bagby Houston, TX 77006

Nels’ Notes: Nomadic Wandering Shenanigans: March 21-28, 2009

We are in the last few days abroad before we cross the border into the United States. Bouey’s quote of the week, puts our situation into a certain perspective. The trucks are very functional, but have seen better days. The absence of shocks in both vehicles makes the roads that much more interesting. The dashboard of the Tundra looks like Las Vegas.

Welcome Home Party

Check out the flyer for our welcome home party in Houston, TX on April 3rd.

My favorite last day of the year…ever.

The real blog will come later today or tomorrow.  We are about to leave Banos on our way to our next stop here in Ecuador meeting with an NGO that helps to preserve the rainforest.  Since nothing is open here on New Years Day morning, I am sitting outside a cafe on the sidewalk using […]

Better Late Than Never

Well, I guess I can not really say never, because we did get the trucks blessed by some kind and generous monks in Thailand, so maybe you can consider the blessing of the trucks in Copacabana, Bolivia an after-the-fact kudos to the powers that be.

New Photos – Narvik New Years

There is a small town in Norway not far from the Swedish border called Narvik.  The town is full of history, setting the stage for numerous WWII battles and attracts many tourists each year because of this. Its natural beauty is unreal as well, with huge peaks jetting straight out of the fjords and surrounding […]

Keep your eyes on the sky, for us.

By this point there are probably not many that are still in the dark about Mars making its closest appearance to Earth, well basically ever. After recently receiving many emails regarding this celestial phenomena, the first response from the TWBRs was excitement that our vantage point would be ideal in some remote town while on the road. […]

We have the trucks.

Things are truly on the up and up.  We now have the trucks and are in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney.  Now that we have our gear we were able to go canyoning in an amazing canyon and abseil some waterfalls.  We have limited internet right now, but we will be taking some photos […]