Keep your eyes on the sky, for us.

By this point there are probably not many that are still in the dark about Mars making its closest appearance to Earth, well basically ever. After recently receiving many emails regarding this celestial phenomena, the first response from the TWBRs was excitement that our vantage point would be ideal in some remote town while on the road. Then reality set in.

We have not had a day in the last three weeks without at least a few hours of rain, but even when the rain stops the clouds still hang around to keep us company. Unless some miracle happens and the monsoon season suddenly comes to a halt, the chance of us seeing Mars in all its glory is slim to none. So please make a point to look up and say, "Man it looks like we have two moons, how amazing, those poor suckers from The World by Road are drenched right now…" Then turn to the person that you are with and say, "Maybe we should donate some money to their cause to lift their spirits :)"