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"Where’s the Beef?"

I would bet that most of you have heard this saying before, and depending how old you are and where you grew up, you probably remember the Wendy’s commercials featuring the little old lady that solidified the phrase’s place in American and international pop culture …

There is Something About Those Trucks

Our trucks stick out. I have touched on the subject a few times before, but it is something that bears mentioning basically in every country we travel though. Driving the Tundra and the Sequoia seems to attract a lot of attention. In the planning phases of our expedition, people warned us not to drive new, […]

An Unfortunate Situation

One of the things that I was really anticipating during my stay in Australia was learning more about Aboriginal culture. After coming over from New Zealand and seeing the relationship between Maori and European settlers and how it has evolved into mostly a fair and mutually respectful arrangement, I was curious to see how the relationship between the indigenous Aborigines and […]

We have new photos up for Australia

We have just posted photos for the Blue Mountains, Byron Bay, The Outback, Darwin, Kakadu and Litchfield.  Check them out. All of the albums can be accessed with this link.  Enjoy.

Looking back

It’s been 1 month now since I joined The World By road crew and we are now finally wrapping up our first country. Australia turned out much larger then we all thought and so did my experience. This was my 2nd trip to the land down under. After my 1st trip here I left with […]

Update and Heading North

The TWBR team now consists of 5… Steve and I, Caki, Elena and Jimmy Swift, who has been riding dirty with us since Sydney. El Chapitan and Kira have gone off on their own and we wish them safe travels. Currently we are hanging out in and around Darwin in the Northern Territory getting some work done, cleaning out the trucks […]

Into the Outback

When people including myself think of the Outback we picture a hot dry land void of life except for some Kangaroos and a few odd characters. That’s pretty much the way it is. Driving in the Outback isn’t as hard as people say it is, all you have to do is make sure you have […]

Hilton Hotels with Cow Pie Pillows

As an inexperienced traveler, joining up with two crazy men driving around the world is like diving in head first. It seems that in this kind of environment where places come and go so fast, there is almost no time to think about how the traveling is effecting you. After checking back into a clean air conditioned hostel […]

Enjoying the Present but Always Preparing for the Future

Anyone that witnessed the arrival of the Tundra and the Sequoia in Sydney can tell you that I was extremely excited but even more so, relieved. Planning for and shipping the Toyotas occupied a good deal of my attention before and after we left the States and in the process, may have also took a few […]

Dust, Dust, Everywhere Dust

They say once you have been to the outback, you take a part of it with you. O.K. I don’t think anyone said that, but it sounds cool and is definitely relevant. The fact of the matter is, whether you want to or not, the outback does stay with you and it stays with you […]