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New Gallery – Vang Vieng Laos

Vang Vieng is somewhat of a traveler’s mecca. Tons of people travel here to enjoy the tubing on the river, the climbing and the laid back atmosphere. One could easily get stuck here. Link to Gallery or click the photos below

Tha Khek – One of the most and the least

Tha Khek is one of the least visited tourist towns in Laos. It is easy to see why. The majority of the people traveling through Laos do not have their own transportation. Without your own vehicle it is not possible to take Rte 12, which turns out to be one of the most amazing drives […]

Laos Photos

Okay, okay, so we are a little backed up.  5 Countries later and we are catching up on the photo galleries.  We are working hard and many more will be coming over the next week but here is a small start. Pakse – Laos

Laos National Radio Interview

It has taken a little while, but here is the interview that we did on Laos National Radio.  In the more remote parts of the province they are not able to get the radio signal, so they take tapes that are played everywhere on a loud speaker.  So imagine this belting our from the PAs […]

China/General Update

Hello everybody. The Thundra, Little Pepe, Steve and I are currently in Luang Nam Tha, Laos about 50 kilometers from the China border crossing at Botan. We are going to cross over into China on Monday and are still waiting to see if we will have to leave the Toyotas at the border for a […]

Mountains, Winding Roads and Your Friendly Neighborhood Rebels

Laos is an extremely beautiful country and has provided some much needed relief to the topographic mundaneness we were beginning to feel from the rest of SE Asia. Dramatic limestone carst cliffs dot the landscape pretty much the entire length of the country and the wilderness here is very pristine. Given the relatively small population […]

Knock Knock Knockin’ on China’s Door

After many months, numerous phone calls, help from countless people, a few foreign wire transfers between international bank accounts, and enough red tape to wrap the Great Wall, we have finally been authorized to enter China. That’s right, the powers that be in Beijing have signed and stamped all of our paperwork and our contact […]

Keep your eyes on the sky, for us.

By this point there are probably not many that are still in the dark about Mars making its closest appearance to Earth, well basically ever. After recently receiving many emails regarding this celestial phenomena, the first response from the TWBRs was excitement that our vantage point would be ideal in some remote town while on the road. […]

The ever changing crew

Recently we said goodbye to Steve Bouey’s father John.  After traveling for 3 weeks through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, he is currently on a plane from Saigon back to his home in Oakland, CA. It was a good few weeks and the TWBR knowledge of composting and organic biosolids has certainly increased as a result of his stay […]

It’s actually quite easy.

A week does not go by without hearing the question, "How are you two funding this adventure?" The usual answer if we have the energy, takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 minutes. Of course we go through the usual explanation of the generosity of Stevinson Toyota, followed by the list of the rest of the […]