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The Ten Most Exotic Foods in the World

Here in the United States, fresh off a long holiday weekend, many of us are recovering from tryptophan hangovers. On paper it sounds exotic, but an overindulgence of Thanksgiving turkey is hardly anything compared to a dose of caterpillar carcass fungi, who’s viagra-like effects are apparently worth killing for. In the spirit of this gluttonous […]

Driving Around the World Just Got a Bit Easier

Driving around the world just got a little bit easier, at least one of the roughest 110 kilometers did. A major segment of the Republic of the Congo’s National Highway 1 has recently been completed and the route from Pointe Noire to Dolisie is now actually deserving of the designation highway. Back in 2008, it […]

Be More Than Just a Number

On October 31st, 2011, the world’s population eclipsed 7 billion people and although it’s purely coincidence that this milestone was achieved on Halloween, the thought of sharing the world with 6,999,999,999 other people can be a scary one. It’s hard to say exactly when baby 7 billion was born, where they were born and just […]

What Is Wrong With People?

Sitting here in Pointe Noire, Congo, I am starting to go a little crazy. It has been nearly two weeks since we arrived and applied for our Angola visas and we are still waiting. I have been trying to pass the time by reading and reflecting upon the Africa segment of our journey and given […]

New Photos – Central China – 3 Galleries

In Central China we visited the Tarracotta Warriors, Xian, the Longmen Caves, the Shaolin Temple (birthplace of Kung Fu) and more. Link to Gallery or click the photos below. Shaolin and More Longmen Caves Terracotta Army

New Photos – Southern China

We entered China in the Yunan Province of the country and made our way North through the Leaping Tiger Gorge and up to Chengdu. Some of the worst road of the trip made this section very long and difficult, but we were able to see some pretty amazing scenery and history. Link to Gallery or […]