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It is affecting us all.

After making our way through Inner Mongolia and leaving China, the sight of the sky and fresh air in our lungs was like exiting some sort of biosphere project testing how much pollution the human body can handle in one sitting. After three weeks in China, our lungs were beaten down and each breath was […]

New Photos – Central China – 3 Galleries

In Central China we visited the Tarracotta Warriors, Xian, the Longmen Caves, the Shaolin Temple (birthplace of Kung Fu) and more. Link to Gallery or click the photos below. Shaolin and More Longmen Caves Terracotta Army

New Photos – Southern China

We entered China in the Yunan Province of the country and made our way North through the Leaping Tiger Gorge and up to Chengdu. Some of the worst road of the trip made this section very long and difficult, but we were able to see some pretty amazing scenery and history. Link to Gallery or […]

It is truly a different world.

In each country there are things that happen or things you read that remind you just how upside down the world is that surrounds you.  On my recent trip back to the states, I purchased some 2-way radios for the trucks.  When I was meandering about town trying to find the best setup I found […]

China – The Final Tally

Aside from organizing and packing about 100 pounds of carvings, textiles, Vietnamese snake wine and other various souvenirs we have acquired along our journey to ship back home, we have had a little down time and this has enabled me to calculate just how much money we spent getting our trucks into and driving them through China. The final cost of […]

The thing about roads

Our last days in China and our first days in Mongolia are the textbook definition for contrast. Although neighbors, these two countries share little in common other than a border. The last week for us has been highly eventful to say the least. Driving in the desert with a young guy from China lends time for many questions. The […]

One of the Coolest Roads in The World

Since our main mode of transportation around the world is by truck, we are always looking for interesting, scenic, and sometimes dangerous roads to drive our Toyotas down. We are constantly on the lookout for something amazing or out of the ordinary because you just never know when you will be driving your own vehicle in that part of […]

Almost as Famous as Our Trucks

Since we have been on the road, we have had countless people approach us and give us support and words of encouragement for what we are doing. I think part of it is definitely the fact that we have some pretty flash trucks. (Yes I am incorporating some of the slang from the various countries we […]

China is Starting to Take its Toll

Getting into China was quite an undertaking for TWBR and we were excited to get finally get in. However, given the shear size of China and the amount of time we had been granted to get through it, we knew we were in for some long days on the road. As expected, driving in China […]

Knocking off the k’s

Over the last few days the ground beneath the trucks has been flying by.  After finally getting all of our paperwork straight and all of the “inspections” done, we made our way to Kunming, a day later we raced off to Dali, Li Shaing followed by Tiger Leaping Gorge and now we are hours away from […]