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The Ten Most Exotic Foods in the World

Here in the United States, fresh off a long holiday weekend, many of us are recovering from tryptophan hangovers. On paper it sounds exotic, but an overindulgence of Thanksgiving turkey is hardly anything compared to a dose of caterpillar carcass fungi, who’s viagra-like effects are apparently worth killing for. In the spirit of this gluttonous […]

Real World Classroom

At a minimum, I would like to think that my grasp of world geography has received a nice shot in the arm as a result of our expedition. I can not even begin to estimate the number of hours I have spent over the last two years studying maps, guidebooks, and web pages as we planned

New Photos – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

For a couple of weeks we were in Ulaanbaatar or in the area. Everyone here treated us so well and the Mongolian Resorts Guesthouse is the only place to stay. Drive Mongolia helped us to outfit our cars for the journey west through Central Asia, and Chinzorig’s mechanics are two of the best on the […]