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Something Is Not Right Here

The number one expense on The World by Road is fuel. To date, we have spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $23,000 on fuel. We thought that Africa was going to be cheap, and compared to Europe, it is, but it is still fairly expensive to fill up here in west central Africa. As a […]

Bad Timing, But The TWBRDR Was A Success

On March 6, 2008 the Thundra and Little Pepe rumbled down the streets on our approach to Dakar, Senegal. I guess rumbling into town is a bit of an exaggeration because we literally crawled into town at a snail’s pace due to the intense Dakar traffic. It took 25 days to cover the 3,500 miles […]

TWBRDR Pushes On!

As the The World by Road Dakar Rally (TWBRDR) enters its second week the route has us now in country number three on the way to Senegal. To be exact, we are currently in Fes, Morocco. We actually made it as far south as Casablanca, but have backtracked northeast through Rabat to get some more […]

Let the Rally Begin

In the world of auto racing, the Dakar Rally is a big one. The race has gone on for nearly 30 years (2008 would have been the 30th anniversary event) and draws thrill seekers, adrenaline junkies, endurance drivers and gear heads from all over the world. The Dakar Rally used to originate in Paris, and […]

Hello From the top of the World

Hello everyone! I hope the new year is treating all of you great. It is really hard to imagine that it is 2008 and Steve and I have been on the road for nearly a year now. Over the course of that year, we have covered nearly 28,000 miles and passed through many different countries. […]

Smooth Sailing

These days it is smooth sailing for TWBR. Smooth sailing in many ways. We are finally in the heart of Europe… although at the moment we are off on the Scandinavia artery… and with that comes great road surfaces. In fact, in Germany, they pride themselves on having some of the best road surfaces in […]

It is affecting us all.

After making our way through Inner Mongolia and leaving China, the sight of the sky and fresh air in our lungs was like exiting some sort of biosphere project testing how much pollution the human body can handle in one sitting. After three weeks in China, our lungs were beaten down and each breath was […]

More Stats From the Road

A few posts ago I wrote about how expensive fuel is in Turkey. We are breathing somewhat of a sigh of relief that we are no longer forking over $10 per gallon for gas. Unfortunately, fuel is still pretty expensive here in the EU and we have updated the stats page with just how much […]

Africa Got Me Crazy

I think I am starting to loose my mind. How do I know this? Well, every time a new curveball is thrown our way in terms of our route through Africa, I just laugh. It is almost like I expect something to go wrong. After dealing with getting ourselves and our trucks through China, I […]

Pain at the Pump

I know oil and gas prices are on a lot of people’s minds these days. As the price of oil flirts with over $100 a barrel and oil hungry countries continue to dangle under the puppet strings of OPEC, the price of fuel (petrol) in many countries has never been higher. We have had the […]