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Just to be thorough.

Here in the Western Sahara semi-autonomous, free administered territory UN controlled Moroccan owned rebel occupied landmine danger zone surf resort area of the globe, it is really difficult to really tell what is going on.  No one really claims this as a country, many people occupy it, laws contradict themselves and roads are actually pretty […]

This is the Desert

Well, we are in the thick of it now. The thick, blowing sand of the Western Sahara Desert. In fact, we are actually in a UN administered territory called Western Sahara. (The Moroccans like to claim it as their southern province and the rebel POLISARIO Front refers to the land as the “free zone.”) Whatever […]

New Video – Fez, Morocco – You have got to try this once in your life.

Have you ever done something that was completely unnecessary and totally necessary at the same time? Instances like these can only really be understood in retrospect, but I suppose that is how one might define some of the most memorable experiences in a lifetime. After recently crossing the straights of Gibraltar and officially starting what […]

New Video – Casablanca – How not to get a free hotel.

Here at The World by Road, we have many different ways of saving money. From the full service kitchen we can setup out of the back of the truck or even sometimes bring with us into the hotel room for late night snacks to the faring we are working on to increase gas mileage, we […]

News News News

Since entering Europe we received quite the welcome from the local media outlets. In Bergen, Norway we were featured on the front page of the main newspaper in town. In London I was interviewed by the Guardian, and as we were told by a friend in London, it is one of the most respected newspapers […]

TWBRDR Pushes On!

As the The World by Road Dakar Rally (TWBRDR) enters its second week the route has us now in country number three on the way to Senegal. To be exact, we are currently in Fes, Morocco. We actually made it as far south as Casablanca, but have backtracked northeast through Rabat to get some more […]

It’s a Whole New World

Here we are. Casablanca, Morocco. Africa. We have entered a new continent, and even though it is only a short ferry ride from Algeciras it feels and looks like another world compared to Europe. For most of us, Morocco is our first exposure to Africa, and so far everything has been going great. The ferry […]