Looking back

It’s been 1 month now since I joined The World By road crew and we are now finally wrapping up our first country. Australia turned out much larger then we all thought and so did my experience. This was my 2nd trip to the land down under. After my 1st trip here I left with the feeling that Australia is pretty much the same as the United States where there’s really no adventure left…. The days of route 66 and the Wild West were long since gone…. But I was wrong. Australia is still full of Wild places and crazy characters. Once you get off the beaten path the world seems to open up for ya. I leave here with a better appreciation for people here and for the world that we live in. I won’t focus to much on the past as tomorrow lies new obstacles and new adventures, but I will always remember my days on the open road in the land down under.

Dsc 0342-01