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The Outback, not a place for the weak hearted.

Australia is a vast country that takes the better part of a day to go from Byron Bay to Roma, the gateway to outback Queensland. We met and had a chat with some nice people at the caravan park there who were kind enough to give us some advice on what to expect ahead and even send an e-mail to a […]

Riding into the Outback Sun.

Our time so far in Australia has been almost entirely spent on the coast.  Before I arrived here, the pictures in my mind of this country and its citzens could have been pulled out of a fantasy novel considering their level of accuracy.  A couple of years ago I spent some time down in Brazil […]

I live in a spaceship.

It has been about a week since taking possesion of the vehicles.  After spending two months without the trucks, it is easy to forget what real freedom and conveniences are like.  Daily we have to double our travel time, work out three or four different modes of trasportation and revolve our schedule around timtables.  Since leaving […]

The Great Ocean Road – In the event of a Blackout… call Michael.

Every morning Elena’s head dangles upside down from above awaking the rest of the van with a smile and a laugh. That meter high nook in the top third of the camper van has been her home for nearly 3 weeks. The vans certainly made the trip down The Great Ocean Road an easy one… […]

Great People on the Great Ocean Road

A lovely woman named Denise at the Otway Lighthouse kept feeding us hot chocolate and other treats. I remarked to Caki that I wish she had been my kindly next door neighbor while growing up. Envisioning her with a nice little house that would be filled with treats was not difficult. As we were packing […]

We have the trucks.

Things are truly on the up and up.  We now have the trucks and are in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney.  Now that we have our gear we were able to go canyoning in an amazing canyon and abseil some waterfalls.  We have limited internet right now, but we will be taking some photos […]

Shed a little light

Neptune’s fury has been delivering mariners to the depths since before recorded history, so the need for lighthouses dates back thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans built lighthouses all over the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Brittan to keep the trade flowing regardless of weather, offshore hazards, and peninsulas and to more easily locate ports of trade. Ever […]

More than just a drive down the coast…

When hearing about a stretch of road acclaimed to be one of the best drives in the world, it is easy to brush it off as a bunch of tourism propaganda to entice a visit to the area.  A name like "The Great Ocean Road" seems a little holier than thou coming from the Australians presenting this road as some sort of […]

Sydney- people, sites and giant bats

I wrote this blog after arriving in Sydney, but did not have a chance to post until now…Coincidentally we are back in Sydney again. Stepping off the plane at Sydney International airport three things struck me. The first is the suffocating humidity, second, the total exhaustion from 15 hours in airplanes and third, utter disbelief […]

Lost in Translation in the Land Down Under

We have been out of the country for a while now and have had things pretty easy in terms of language given that we have only been to countries where English is the official language. However, even though they speak English here in Australia, there are actually quite a few phrases and terms that can […]