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And the photos you may not even know you were waiting for – Western Mongolia

We are still slow on the catch up of getting photos online.  But we do have one of the best galleries to date up on the site now.  Western Mongolia was one of the most difficult, most hard on the trucks, most dangerous and most beautiful routes to date.  We spent over a week driving […]

Mongolian Wedding Photos, etc.

While in Mongolia, Brendan (who was traveling with us at the time) and I had the unique and amazing opportunity to attend a traditional Mongolian wedding. The wedding took place in the countryside about 350 kms west of Ulaanbaatar. A traditional wedding lasts for about seven days and it was quite an experience. We made […]

There is Something About Those Trucks

Our trucks stick out. I have touched on the subject a few times before, but it is something that bears mentioning basically in every country we travel though. Driving the Tundra and the Sequoia seems to attract a lot of attention. In the planning phases of our expedition, people warned us not to drive new, […]

New Photos – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

For a couple of weeks we were in Ulaanbaatar or in the area. Everyone here treated us so well and the Mongolian Resorts Guesthouse is the only place to stay. Drive Mongolia helped us to outfit our cars for the journey west through Central Asia, and Chinzorig’s mechanics are two of the best on the […]

New Gallery – The Gobi Desert in Mongolia

This was our first taste of really being in the middle of nowhere. Navigating with a compass and binoculars, we drove 650kms through the Gobi without any real roads. It is an eerie experience, but this was just the beginning and easy compared to Western Mongolia. Enjoy. Link to Gallery

The modern wild west.

On October 7th we left Ulaanbaatar for Western Mongolia. With a Lonely Planet guide and a China/Mongolia map our confidence was high that we should not have to many problems making our way to the Russian border. The last night before we left Chinzorig gave us a quite helpful piece of advice. He told us, […]

Ha Ha Ha, even the roads are hard for us.

This blog has posted today, but was written nearly a week ago:) Tonight we ate our final dinner in Ulaanbaatar before we head west through Mongolia to Russia tomorrow morning. Chinzorig of Drive Mongolia and his wife joined us and we discussed the best routes to take west. No matter who you talk to, Mongolian […]


I have to admit, when I first arrived in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia a few weeks ago, what I encountered was far from what I expected. Honestly, I do not really know what I expected Ulaanbaatar to be like. I did not know much about the city, it’s history, or what the future held in store for […]

Did you Know – Symbols of Social Status

Depending on what country or culture you live in, certain people associate certain attributes with their status in society. Symbols of one’s social status have evolved through time and are largely based upon what that society values. In a culture that values bravery, social status may be determined and identified by things such as scars […]

While Bouey was hurting his butt.

For those of you regular blog readers, you have recently been made aware of the trials and tribulations of Bouey’s recent Mongolian horse riding experiences.  The truth is that my jealousy abounds over this painful experience.  Instead of having wild experiences at a wedding in western Mongolia, I had the opportunity to fly home to […]