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Done And Done

No more shipping the trucks! When we were in the planing stages of the expedition, we could not have possibly imagined how difficult, complicated, convoluted, annoying and downright painful the overseas shipping process could be. After four international, overseas container shipments during the course of the expedition, one would think that we are now knowledgeable experts when it comes to shipping vehicles abroad. The sad reality of the situation is the only thing we really know about putting a vehicle into a container and sending it to another country is that we never care to do it again.

Sailing The Gap

It has been a time consuming and difficult process trying to find a way around the Darien Gap here in Colombia, but we have finally managed to bypass the gap and are going to do it in an exciting way. Dealing with the shipping companies in Cartagena has been pretty much par for the course in terms of mind numbing complexity and ridiculousness. The first several quotes we received for our 40′ container were well over $3,000.

Things To Be Avoided

We get quite a few questions from our followers about overseas shipping. How we got our vehicles across the various oceans along our route is actually the most frequently asked question. Unfortunately, we have not been able to identify any easy answers when it comes to shipping vehicles abroad.

New Video – Stuck in Buenos Aires – A short window into our 6 week delay.

I am still hard at work on the blog regarding the exact details of what happened with the trucks in Buenos. With Fernando’s help we are putting together a blog that will give a better researched insight not into just what happened to us, but more importantly, why it happened the way it did. More importantly we want to give everyone an insight as to why it is such a tragedy that Argentinean government treats not only us this way, but treats all of the citizens in Argentina the same.

I promise we are not stupid.

At this point it must seem like TWBR is a bunch of imbeciles. We have been stuck in Buenos for 5 weeks now trying to get the trucks …

Held Hostage by Argentinean Customs!

Who would have thought that of all the countries we have been to on this trip, Argentina would end up becoming such a nightmare in terms of having to deal with customs. The trucks finally arrived last Tuesday, already a week late, but they are currently being held by Argentina customs officials for a reason […]

Mounting Frustration

I know, I know, everyone is aware that shipping the trucks overseas is a royal pain in the ass, but it is time to vent once again. I am not really going to hold anything against Mediterranean Shipping Company, even though they have pushed back the estimated arrival of the ship on three separate occasions […]

Does Anyone Know Why Shipping Cars is So Difficult?

Luckily we did not ship our cars from Australia to Indonesia, because even shipping them to the largest and arguably, most efficient port in the world – Singapore – is proving to be a strain on my mental sanity. I am sure most of you are well aware of the difficulties we had in shipping […]

Enjoying the Present but Always Preparing for the Future

Anyone that witnessed the arrival of the Tundra and the Sequoia in Sydney can tell you that I was extremely excited but even more so, relieved. Planning for and shipping the Toyotas occupied a good deal of my attention before and after we left the States and in the process, may have also took a few […]