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Hilton Hotels with Cow Pie Pillows

As an inexperienced traveler, joining up with two crazy men driving around the world is like diving in head first. It seems that in this kind of environment where places come and go so fast, there is almost no time to think about how the traveling is effecting you. After checking back into a clean air conditioned hostel […]

The Great Ocean Road – In the event of a Blackout… call Michael.

Every morning Elena’s head dangles upside down from above awaking the rest of the van with a smile and a laugh. That meter high nook in the top third of the camper van has been her home for nearly 3 weeks. The vans certainly made the trip down The Great Ocean Road an easy one… […]

Birthdays for Bridges and Neon Baseball Caps…

Behind the desk at the xBase backpackers hostel is a extremely knowledgeable woman named Lydiane whom we refer to as the oracle. Every morning the team gets together to decide what we have to do that day, and what we want to do that day. The first part usually consists of errands and research, or time […]