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Stay Classy Louis Vuitton

When it comes to being fashion conscious, I’m pretty much in a coma. When I need to buy new clothes, I go to Target, although I am slightly excited that H&M will be opening its first store in Colorado here in Denver on November 10th adding a cheap chic element to my uninspiring wardrobe. Given […]

Keeping It Clean and Somewhat Dangerous

Traveling around the world gives you an unparalleled view into the daily lives of people in countless cultures around the globe. In many ways, people throughout the world do a lot of the same things, but the interesting part is how they go about accomplishing those things. Take for example the simple task of taking a shower.

There is Something About Those Trucks

Our trucks stick out. I have touched on the subject a few times before, but it is something that bears mentioning basically in every country we travel though. Driving the Tundra and the Sequoia seems to attract a lot of attention. In the planning phases of our expedition, people warned us not to drive new, […]

New photos

We are now in Kunming.  We have Chinese license plates, driving permits, and all the papers we need to get through China.  This is a wonderful city full of cafes around a beautiful lake.  Apparently this is a sister city to my home in Denver, CO.  I can see why, it is cool just like […]

Let’s go back to Cambodia

It has been a busy couple of weeks so we have fallen behind on Photo Galleries.  We are eagerly working to get them caught up.  Here are a couple while we get finished…Sihanoukville Lung


Just a little notice for those of you that may not have seen on the homepage. We have broken 10,000 miles! Along with this we have now also visited 10 different countries. The miles should start to turn over more quickly in the coming months. Our exact entry date into China should be available to us […]

You Guys Have it Pretty Easy

This is a statement we get from a lot of other travelers we meet on the road. The Toyotas stand out like a sore thumb anywhere we go and within minutes of parking them, whether it be at a guesthouse, a border crossing, a national park entrance or a popular attraction, we find ourselves deep in […]

Remote borders

We have reached the last town before the border of Laos here in Cambodia.  Internet is pretty much non-existent here, so this update will be brief. After 3 hours in Stung Treng, our quest to get across the Mekong to the last stretch of highway into Laos has come to an end.  One night here […]

There is Something About the Countryside

It is exciting to drive into new cities. The everyday hustle and bustle of people in cities throughout SE Asia is quite a site to see. Cities also provide an opportunity to restock on some supplies such as batteries and cash. However, after a few days of being in a city, whether it be Bangkok, […]

The new definition of a road.

NH is basically the same denotation as the I for interstate in the US. Here in Cambodia a NH or National Highway is not exactly the same as our definition of an interstate. These roads can vary from the first road that we drove on here from Poi Pet to a pretty well taken care […]