I promise we are not stupid.

At this point it must seem like TWBR is a bunch of imbeciles.  We have been stuck in Buenos for 5 weeks now trying to get the trucks.  Although I do not have time to explain more right now, soon I will post a day by day account of the twilight zone we have been stuck in for the last month of our lives.  Between the shipping company (MSC), the corrupt customs agents, the forwarding company in Cape Town and the forwarding company here, we have seen a display of incompetence and greed that would leave even the most seasoned of Cambodian generals, Angolan embassy staffers and crooked KGB agents awestruck and taking notes on methods of wasting other people’s time.

The whole process we have been involved in here has taken me from complete physical illness to depression to insanity.  Today is yet another day that we are supposed to receive the trucks, but my spirit has been broken. I cannot even get excited about it at this point because we have been let down so many times.

So here goes round number 15…will today be the day?