New Video – Stuck in Buenos Aires – A short window into our 6 week delay.

I am still hard at work on the blog regarding the exact details of what happened with the trucks in Buenos.  With Fernando’s help we are putting together a blog that will give a better researched insight not into just what happened to us, but more importantly, why it happened the way it did.  More importantly we want to give everyone an insight as to why it is such a tragedy that Argentinean government treats not only us this way, but treats all of the citizens in Argentina the same.

After our article in the La Nacion newspaper, many locals responded via comments or direct emails sharing their stories of how similar things happened to them.  One man even told us of a story of having to pay a $400 bribe to get a hearing aid into the country for his grandmother. Hopefully the blog will be done in the near future, but in the mean time, please enjoy our latest video.

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