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Person of the Week: The Dagna Family

With the many people that inspire us and help to make the expedition a success we have decided to start a little segment called “The Person of the Week”. It is exactly what it sounds like…each week we will present you with an individual that has impacted TWBR. This week we would like to call attention a whole family of very kind and generous individuals…so without further ado: the Dagna Family of Bahia Blanca, Argentina.

Did you know…?

Or as I like to sometimes call them, DYKs. Either way…After spending almost 6 weeks in one place there are a few things that you can’t help but notice about a culture while also picking up some random trivia along the way.

The first thing you will probably notice upon your first visit to Argentina is that it won’t take long to begin wondering why everyone in Argentina gives you funny looks when you order “Pollo” in the typical Spanish dialect pronouncing it ‘poy-yo’.

Living free again!!

Recently liberated from captivity by Argentinian customs, we are now back on the road. The last few days we have had no internet, camping at a friends farm in a town called Bahia Blanca about 700kms south of Buenos Aires …

Buenos Aires Zoo

Does anyone need a tour guide for Buenos? At this point all of the fine crew members of TWBR are starting to really rack up the qualifications. Most recently the search for customs-wait diversions has led a few of us to the Buenos Aires Zoo …

New Photos – La Boca, La Loca

A district of Buenos Aires named La Boca is probably what many of you have seen in travel photos of this city. It is a place where the local people have managed to spruce up one of the poorer neighborhoods in the city by painting the walls with bright colors and lining the streets with eccentric artwork…

The Challenge of the Week – Cut and Paste Masterminds

“Africa, haha, those were some times.” …

A brief insight to our foreseeable future…

I think it is safe to say that most members of the crew are becoming a little stir crazy as we wait to get back on the road. Most of us have been here for two weeks or longer and starting to not believe anyone when they say “any day now”, but as it stands, […]

Held Hostage by Argentinean Customs!

Who would have thought that of all the countries we have been to on this trip, Argentina would end up becoming such a nightmare in terms of having to deal with customs. The trucks finally arrived last Tuesday, already a week late, but they are currently being held by Argentina customs officials for a reason […]

There is a Ship on the Horizon

I am sure some of you have been waiting just as anxiously for our trucks to arrive in Buenos Aires as we have. We finally have an “estimated” time of arrive and that is the 21st of August. Hopefully the ship will arrive as scheduled because it looks like Argentina is going to be a […]