There is a Ship on the Horizon

I am sure some of you have been waiting just as anxiously for our trucks to arrive in Buenos Aires as we have. We finally have an “estimated” time of arrive and that is the 21st of August. Hopefully the ship will arrive as scheduled because it looks like Argentina is going to be a bit of a challenge in terms of getting the Toyotas unloaded from the vessel, unpacked from the container and cleared through customs.

MSC Ship

The Toyotas are in there somewhere

The first quote we received to “assist” us in completing these tasks in Buenos Aires was over $2,000! Considering the entire shipment over there only cost around $4,000, we kindly told them “no gracias!” Hopefully we will be able to find a freight forwarding agent and customs broker for a much more reasonable price, but as we have experienced before, sometimes you are at the mercy of other people in strange and foreign lands. On thing is on our side and that is with all of the border crossings and customs BS we have been through over the last year and a half, Steve and I have been able to develop some pretty persuasive mind control techniques, so we can always hope to pull a few Jedi mind tricks of our own on some unsuspecting officials at the port if it comes down to it.

We are all looking very much forward to starting the last segment of this expedition and we have a great crew joining us in Buenos Aires. Some of new crew member bios are already up on the website and a few more will come shortly. One thing is for sure, the adventures are still far from over!