Living free again!!

Recently liberated from captivity by Argentinian customs, we are now back on the road.  The last few days we have had no internet, camping at a friends farm in a town called Bahia Blanca about 700kms south of Buenos Aires.  Since then we have driven another 800kms and are now in Peninsula Valdes to check out the world heritage site here. There are even Orca whales that actually come up to the beach hunting for food, so with any luck we will see some of those crazy suckers.

It is incredible to be back on the road and free of the beuraucratic nightmare we have dealt with for 5 weeks.  All should be set for the next handful of months as we have more paperwork than ever imaginable, so no matter what country we enter we will have three different notarized copies of anything that could possibly be requested from us.  It will be nice to let Argentina really show what it has to offer and so far it has been quite good with two huge Asados(BBQs) at the farm.  There will be a blog tomorrow about this.

So now that we are back on our feet we will get some amazing content coming again and keep it coming.  Sorry for the delay:)