Buenos Aires Zoo

Does anyone need a tour guide for Buenos? At this point all of the fine crew members of TWBR are starting to really rack up the qualifications.  Most recently the search for customs-wait diversions has led a few of us to the Buenos Aires Zoo.  While this may not be the most spectacular zoo in the world, it is by no means something to skip.  For around $5 USD, it is filled with some cool exhibits and has a unique layout more similar to a park than a zoo.

For Steve Bouey and I, it was a nice walk down memory lane seeing some of the animals that lived along our route for the last 18 months. They even had some Bison to remind us of home in Colorado. It is a relaxing place and although not a highlight of Buenos, it is definitely worth a visit on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Our time here is coming to an end very soon.  After struggling for the last few weeks with customs, bribes and paperwork shaped hoops, we are finally going to get out of this place on (keep your fingers crossed) Thursday morning.  This city has become both a torment to our existence and a wonderful place to call home for a month, it all just depends on how many hours of a given day were spent with sleazy customs agents.

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