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I’m Not Good Enough for Chinggis

Chinggis Khan (many of us in the west know him as Genghis) was pretty much a bad ass. Chinggis was a powerful and successful warlord that was not only responsible for unifying most of the Mongolian tribes, but also striking fear in the hearts and minds of his enemies… many of which commanded much larger […]

If It Isn’t One Thing…

I am sure all of you are pretty sick of Steve and I telling you how crazy, bad, rough, or whatever negative adjective you choose, some of the roads are that we have encountered on the expedition. There are obviously plenty of other things to write about so this will be the last one for […]

A Few Things Actually Do Make Me Cry

Cry? What? Most people who know me must be thinking; what is it that would lead a hardened individual, molded and forged in the fires encountered while driving a couple Toyotas around the world to be driven to tears. Well, simply put, it is the simple gestures and words of encouragement from people we meet […]

Roads? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Roads

It has been a few days since our last blog posting, but out here in the wild, wild west, I mean east, when you drive 20 minutes outside of Ulaanbaatar, you are pretty much stepping back into the past and things like internet connections do not exist nor are they necessary. We recently got back […]

The thing about roads

Our last days in China and our first days in Mongolia are the textbook definition for contrast. Although neighbors, these two countries share little in common other than a border. The last week for us has been highly eventful to say the least. Driving in the desert with a young guy from China lends time for many questions. The […]

Things Are Starting to Get Interesting

When we left on The World by Road seven months ago, we knew that were were going to see some eye opening things, meet some interesting people and experience a lot of things that for us at the time would seem pretty out of the ordinary.  For the most part, the trip has not disappointed in this regard and […]