New Photos – Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

For a couple of weeks we were in Ulaanbaatar or in the area. Everyone here treated us so well and the Mongolian Resorts Guesthouse is the only place to stay. Drive Mongolia helped us to outfit our cars for the journey west through Central Asia, and Chinzorig’s mechanics are two of the best on the planet.

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Mongolian Resorts was kind enough to give us our own dorm room and we certainly made ourselves at home.The square is a mix between more recent leaders and Chinggis KahnThe horse points to Dave's pub...the finishing point for the Mongol Rally.UB SquareThe town is a true mix of old and newThe USSR influence is very prevalent with the large city squareThe Mongolians have great pride in their rootsProbably is right...I promise we will beat them whoever they are.UlaanbaatarUB Deli, also owned by Mongolian Resorts was one of our main hangouts while in town.Mongolian Real Estate AdsUmmmmQuite good Mongolian BeerMongol Rally CarsMongol Rally CarsMongol Rally CarsUB was important for maintenanceIf only ChinZorig's mechanics could join usLifts, Lifts and More liftsMay favorite auto repair yard dog..he really liked to hump thingsThis was the only jack we usedOne of Chinzo's classicsOne bag full of home our sissy mechanics would be all complaintsModern mechanics would not believe the tools they usedWithout their help we could not have installed the new shocksWork like this for 2 daysI love these two beautiful little shocksWhere is OSHA?Nice view from the junk yardAs the sun goes down the cold sets in and work has to stopI would have to say the new ones look a little nicerCan you see Little Pepe smiling?Reorganization timeOnly the two best mechanics in the world...Davaa and SukheeWatch the sparks fly as the Thundra gets liftedWe cannot thank Chinzorig enough for all his help.  TWBR would still be in Mongolia without him.After all of the rough roads, the stud broke on the hubThe new lifesaving shocks for Little PepeAfter two days we managed to get it all doneAlthough simple, the shop was everything we needed