New Gallery – The Gobi Desert in Mongolia

This was our first taste of really being in the middle of nowhere. Navigating with a compass and binoculars, we drove 650kms through the Gobi without any real roads. It is an eerie experience, but this was just the beginning and easy compared to Western Mongolia.


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The border is chaos.Entering Mongolia is an eye opening, trucks, wild dogs...there is a little bit of everything.1 km out of town the 2km out of town you are all alone20km out of town you are more alone than you have every been.Some of the Gobi wildlifeVodka karins mark the wayThere is just too much traffic out hereOur first mongolia camels were quite friendlyWassup camel?Steve's first encounter was clearly a pivitol moment in his life.How many day's since we have seen a road?When in doubt...meditate.Is this even still planet earth?The is a road being built, but it will be many years before it is finishedA car graveyard...there is no AAA in Mongolia.The trans-siberian in the background helped us to find our way to UB.Vodka bottles, toilets...Mongolians are quite creative with their road markers.  This was mile marker...? Sorry I had to do itHawks and eagles are all over the desertWhich road leads to UB...this happens about twice an hour.Steve was quite excited to see pavement again.I guess someone missed the arrow.Camels or gas, take your pick.