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Companies, organizations and individuals who supported The World by Road

To the Rescue in the Land of the Midnight Sun

From finding a job to getting good seats to the game, many things in life come down to who you know. As most of our followers on the web remember, during our hiatus in Denver we put on a fundraiser for gas money to get ourselves to Alaska and beyond. In order to complete the last major milestone of the expedition, we needed to rely on the support of friends, family, strangers, and generous companies both local and beyond. One of Steven’s friends, Clint, works for the sunglasses and gear oriented company, Oakley.

The World by Road – Only possible with those who support us

It has been over two years that we have been on the road, and while we have made it back home the journey is not yet over. In some ways it has just begun. In three days we will leave for Alaska to start the final segment of the expedition to the farthest North point the road will take us in North America. This means that we will have driven from the most southern and northern points of the continents. The excitement of the crew is through the roof, but we realize that it was only possible with the help of all those who supported us for the last two years.

Safelite AutoGlass: Nation’s Leading Auto Glass Team

This expedition has had the privilege to work with many fine sponsors, and we able to see firsthand the incredible work of another great sponsor, Safelite AutoGlass.

A journey that spans over 26 months, through 6 continents and close to 70,000 miles is going to take its toll on the vehicles, and that was definitely the case for the windshields on the Toyota Tundra and Sequoia. Length of the windshield cracks found their place at eye level on each vehicle, along with numerous chips, scratches and nicks.

Better than Boutique

While approaching home and traveling through Central America, we have started to encounter many of our accommodations and activities being owned by expats or foreign owners, many times from the United States.

Santiago: I hardly knew ye!

The trucks are fixed and, many thanks to PatoPower, we are well geared for the upcoming road conditions of the Atacama, Bolivian salt flats, and the Pantanal wetlands but due to our friends on strike at customs, we left Santiago about 4 days behind schedule. Chile and more specifically Santiago was a wonderful place to spend a few extra days, despite how the government employees might feel.

What is going on at TWBR?

This post will remain at the top of the blog for the next couple of weeks, but to read the most recent posts, please just scroll down. So the site says that I am in Denver, the trucks and rest of the crew are somewhere in Angola and blogs and content are sparse. For over […]

Help From the Home Front

Planning our route through Africa has been quite an ordeal. We are pretty much always on the move so it is hard to keep tabs on what is going on in Africa, whether or not to pay any attention to what is going on in Africa and what sort of things we can expect to […]

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

We cannot thank all of you enough for your continued support of the expedition. Visas, fuel, accommodation and just about everything else are extremely expensive here in Central Asia.  In fact, we were recently charged and extra $50 “rush fee” for our Uzbek visas.  Apparently, it was a rush because we were early for our […]

Top ten reasons why Toy Tec changed(saved) our lives.

When we first encountered water that would could not get the trucks through in Laos, we realized that we could wait no longer for some lifts on the trucks.  With the roads as bad as they are in some parts of this journey, backtracking as little as 75km can take the better part of a […]

Thanks for the generosity

I would like to take a moment to thank the people who have recently supported TWBR. Every little bit helps to fill the tanks with gas, pay for visas and afford to get by. Thanks to: Derek Yap Hannah Megacz Katie Shoppman Tom and Judy Magara All of these folks of recently helped us out […]