Mongolian Wedding Photos, etc.

While in Mongolia, Brendan (who was traveling with us at the time) and I had the unique and amazing opportunity to attend a traditional Mongolian wedding. The wedding took place in the countryside about 350 kms west of Ulaanbaatar. A traditional wedding lasts for about seven days and it was quite an experience. We made many new friends and definitely have some memories that will last a lifetime. Attending the wedding would not have been possible without our friend Jennie. If you are ever in Mongolia, look Jennie up… she works for Mongolian Resorts and you are guaranteed to have a great experience.

Also, we have been on the road for a little over 300 days now and have covered nearly 25,000 miles (40,000 km) which averages out to about 80 miles (128 km) per day of driving. Obviously we are not driving every day but do people ask us how long we spend behind the wheel and what our average speed is. So, ask and ye shall receive… sometimes…

Driving Time Stats

Wedding Photos

Pick a road, they all go somehwere and nowhere at the same timeStopping off at a Mongolian truck stop on the way to the weddingHalfway to the wedding we crashed with some friends in their GerLife in the Mongolian countryside is still very traditionalLittle did we know the Thundra came in a Mongolian-camoflage paint schemeOur friend Jennie invited us to the weddingJennie has a few horses and we rounded a couple up for a rideIn know, impressiveWe also rounded up a few more passengers for the remaining 200km to the weddingHome sweet home for the five days we were at the weddingImmediately after our arrival, the Thundra attracted a crowdThe provincial boss was very interestedand supportive of our journeyMongolians LOVE to take picturesBringing a barrel of fresh fermented mare's milk to the wedding Ger signifies that it is time to get things startedBrendan and other wedding guests line up to shower the newlyweds with giftsInside the wedding Ger there is quite a spreadEverything from candy to spirits and yes, the finest and fattest sheepLet the gift giving beginOne of the 45 or so rugs the new couple receivedThe new couple in traditional wedding attireOnce the ceremony was over it was time to celebrateThe newlyweds and the wedding partyThe newlyweds and the groom's familyTWBR crew and the newlywedsThe brand new Ger for the new coupleEven the horses are friendly here in MongoliaCentral Mongolia is a remarkable placeEven during the week long celebration work must go onOne wedding guest arrived on an old Russian motorbikeMongolian biker gang at the weddingIf the bikers want to line up for a photo we can tooI accidentally popped the hood and it ended up providing a few hours of entertainmentA large Mongolian next to our large carRemember Mongolians like to take photosA few generations next to the ThundraThis guy was a Mongolian driving instructorYou guys need a driver's license? No problem!We actually had two people ride on top of the Tundra for over 150 kilometers!Many well respected herders from the area attended the weddingEven in the middle of nowhere you can catch the newsThe wedding lasted seven days and it was quite the partyThe provincial boss signs the Tundra rack and welcomes us to the weddingBouey gets the nod of approval from the provincial boss