Help From the Home Front

Planning our route through Africa has been quite an ordeal. We are pretty much always on the move so it is hard to keep tabs on what is going on in Africa, whether or not to pay any attention to what is going on in Africa and what sort of things we can expect to encounter and strive to avoid. The research – from border crossings to which roads are not mined to how much of a pain visas are… all of the information needed to successfully navigate our way south with as little problem as possible is a huge task. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to do as much research as we would like given our location and access to reliable internet, but luckily, we have some amazing people helping us out back home. I would like to send out a huge thank you specifically to Doug Tucker for all of his help in researching Africa. Doug not only researched the necessary things to help us better plan our route and to help us stay safe, but he also provided a lot of information about all the the fun and interesting things to see along the way. Based on the amount of information Doug compiled for us, I imagine he spent quite a few hours scouring the internet and other sources for things that can help us out. These are hours that we did not have, so thanks Doug for helping to give us a clearer picture of over-landing through Africa!