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Kudos to Colorado

The overlying goal of The World by Road is to inspire people to get out and travel and hopefully, through our photos, videos and stories, we will encourage more people to go explore more of the world that they live in. This is especially true for people living in the United States. We have said it countless times before and that is by and large, people in the United States do not leave the country that much…

Anyone Can Do This

One of the main messages I think that we want to convey during and after the course of this expedition is that anyone can do what we are doing. Sure, we are all exceptionally intelligent, sociable and good looking here at TWBR, but honestly, all it takes is an idea or a dream and the […]

New Photos – North Cape (Nordkapp)

INSERT_MAP In the far far north of the northern part of the north European country of Norway, there lies a cliff encircled point called North Cape.  This is the farthest you can drive north in Europe and a truly majestic site.  With giant cliffs, tunnels, ice covered roads and little to no light, the drive […]

New Photos – The Mauritanian Sahara

Months ago many of you watched the video that we put together about our time in the Sahara in the Banc d’Arguin National Park.  Here are the photos. Photos On Flickr See the video INSERT_MAP  

New Video – Casablanca – How not to get a free hotel.

Here at The World by Road, we have many different ways of saving money. From the full service kitchen we can setup out of the back of the truck or even sometimes bring with us into the hotel room for late night snacks to the faring we are working on to increase gas mileage, we […]

Timeline Update

This may not be of consequence to all of our readers, but especially for those either expecting us to return home at some point, or those of you thinking about possibly joining the adventure…we have updated the timeline.  Have a look by following the link below. Updated Timeline