New Photos – North Cape (Nordkapp)


In the far far north of the northern part of the north European country of Norway, there lies a cliff encircled point called North Cape.  This is the farthest you can drive north in Europe and a truly majestic site.  With giant cliffs, tunnels, ice covered roads and little to no light, the drive up to here is a true adventure in the middle of winter.  The sub zero temperatures, snow storms, wind and incredible hunger that abides when darkness is far more common than light nearly drive you mad as you count the number of days since the sun has actually shined on you.

On our speedy journey to the north and the little information we could gather about making it all the way to the cape led us to a closed gate just 12 kms from the finish line.  After a day of driving around trying to find the right people we were able to get a convoy with a snow plow and safety car to take us to the top, but at a cost…it ended up costing $1000 for that last 12km, and although that $1000 is still sitting on my credit card accruing interest…to all of us it was well spent.  We drove all the way from Cape Otway Australia, over 30,000 miles through jungles, deserts, mountains, rivers, rebels and more to make it there and nothing would stop us.

Considering the safety truck was less prepared than we were if something was to happen and the plow had already been up that day so the road was already clear, the price was for little more than the Norwegians making yet another dollar off of us. Expensive for nothing, but worth it.

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The open plains no longer support tree life at this latitude.It is unbelieveable that they went to the trouble to build a road all the way up here along the side of these sheer cliffs.The usual 2pm loss of light, you cannot really call it a sunset since the sun never rises up here.There is more light in the tunnels than there is in the middle of the day.The roads are 100% solid ice for the last 1000km approach to the North CapeThe colors from the polar night are reason enough to come up hereThe tunnels have doors up here to prevent them from icing up.1000s of kms later we realized that the Norweigans will never miss a chance to add another fee.Without a convoy of snowplow and safety car, you cannot drive the last 12kmsThe final town before the last stretch of road to NordKappWith screaming winds and sub zero temperatures, a day of fliming only allows minutes outdoors before frostbite sets in during thThis was one of the coldest moments of the trip trying to film for 30 seconds with the wind blowning strong enough to knock you This is a true life shot, no posing, just pure cold.The is the end, after the run with the snow plow and safety truck we finally reached the farthest north point.In my Mongolian Dahl, I setup shots of the trucks with the last bit of light.The giant cliffs around NordKapp are breathtaking.The parking lot is not quite all the way to the point.So we had to walk the last few hundred yards to the globe.Thousands of miles of driving, countless nights sleeping in the trucks, and three tired crew members later, we were there.Inside there are photos of what the midnight sun looks like, circling the sky in summer.Time to leave the cape.Here is the $1000 plow that we had to pay to plow a total of zero inches of snow for us, and the safety car?  Less equipped thatThere is nothing like this moment.  We made it all the way winter!!