Just a little notice for those of you that may not have seen on the homepage.

We have broken 10,000 miles!

Along with this we have now also visited 10 different countries. The miles should start to turn over more quickly in the coming months. Our exact entry date into China should be available to us in the next few days, but that date should be within the next 2 weeks.  From there our route is to Mongolia, and then continues on west to Kazakhstan.  As we make our way up into Siberia we will be getting even more remote so many segments will have hundreds of miles between towns with some weeks covering over 1,000 miles at a time.

Many of you may think, who are these sissies that can only drive 1,000 miles in one week? Keep in mind that some days our top speed may only be 20 miles per hour.  Road standards are a little different and sometimes hundreds of miles pass without seeing pavement.  Below are a few of the more recent photos of the roads the trucks have challenged and the things that make them slower.

Cambodian Border Checkpoint


Ahhh 10,000


The Road between the Laos and Cambodia Border



Okay, so do you think Thule will be upset if we take on this rack sponsor instead?


Some of the people pass give us some interesting looks


The rain makes the roads more exciting


There is never enough time to stop for muscle flexing photos, never enough