There is Something About the Countryside

It is exciting to drive into new cities. The everyday hustle and bustle of people in cities throughout SE Asia is quite a site to see. Cities also provide an opportunity to restock on some supplies such as batteries and cash. However, after a few days of being in a city, whether it be Bangkok, Singapore or Ho Chi Minh, I always find myself longing to be back out on the open road driving through small villages and down roads that in some cases don’t even seem like roads.

There is something about being in the countryside that puts my mind at ease. It might be more difficult to find something you need and the language barrier may be more of an issue, but the people always seem to be more open and friendly, the moto’s honk less, and the overall atmosphere generally permeates good vibes. Kids run up to and along side of the Toyotas shouting out hello and this is what The World by Road is really all about.

By and large, most cities throughout the world I have been to are pretty similar. I think it is only when you venture outside of the concrete jungle, and in our case right now into the actual jungle, that you get a true sense of the culture and how most people live. At first glace, life looks a lot more difficult in the more remote stretches of Cambodia, or any country for that matter. Truth be told, life is more difficult, but after spending some time with the people, you can’t help but think that they are happier than those pounding the pavement in the city.