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Keeping It Clean and Somewhat Dangerous

Traveling around the world gives you an unparalleled view into the daily lives of people in countless cultures around the globe. In many ways, people throughout the world do a lot of the same things, but the interesting part is how they go about accomplishing those things. Take for example the simple task of taking a shower.

New Photos – Malaysia, Tioman Island, and more of Indonesia

We have new photos up. The links to the galleries are below.Australian Aid School Building Project – AUS AID has committed to help build 2,000 schools in Indonesia over the course of the next 2 years.Indonesia this Morning on Metro TV – Our first international TV appearance. Tioman Island, Salang, Malaysia – This island was […]

Weekly Update

For all you guys out there that only get a chance to look at our website once a week or less and miss out on a lot of the daily updates, we have decided to start doing a "Weekly Update" post. To start I’m going to give you the highlights from the last week or […]

Climbing one of the most active volcanoes in the world…

Setting off at 10pm, we met our guide and his friend who had a car the would take us on the two hour drive to Selo. Since we did not go through a tourism company and being that we were in Indonesia, this seemed relatively normal. This feeling did not last long. Slowing down at […]

The Grass is Always Greener…

After spending nearly two months in Australia, it was a welcome change to disembark the plane in Denpasar, Bali Indonesia. Although the flight from Darwin, Australia to Indonesia was only about two hours, these two locations are a world apart. Prices and the general cost of living differ dramatically. In Darwin, an average hostel bed […]


I have become somewhat attached to my new home for the next 2 years… It’s not your average size house but it does have wheels, so i guess you could call it a mobile home or a trailer. My home is a 2007 Toyota Tundra… we call her Thundra and my room is the passenger […]

Indonesia, hard work and no cars.

We have now been in Indonesia for about a week and it is a wonderful place.  However internet has been very difficult and we have been extremely busy.  We will be in Jakarta tomorrow and should have a better internet connection.  As soon as I am online again there, we will upload a ton of […]