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New Photos – The Fraser River

We have the photos up from our trip on the Fraser River in British Colombia. The section of river that we rafted was just outside the Mount Dobson park, which is the highest mountain in British Colombia. It makes for the most incredibly picturesque setting to float down a river. What a great day.

A slice of heaven

Since leaving Denver we have been camping about 75% of the time and cannot complain, the surroundings are beautiful, the wildlife is plentiful, and the temperature is a mild 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit with the constant light outside. It is nice to wake up to the fresh air, cook delicious meals and go to sleep after relaxing by the campfire. While the air is fresh our stinky butts are not with some runs putting us 3-4 days or more between showers, sporting a perfume reminiscent of campfire, body odor and camp kitchen.

Two Wolves

My mother recently sent me this email. I thought I would share it with all the rest of you. One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said,

“My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all. One is Evil

The Great Wide Open

Today officially marks the farthest north in North America for the expedition, but more importantly it also marks the farthest north for any of the crew. Right now we are in Jasper National Park in the town of Jasper. At 52 degrees, 53 minutes, -1 seconds North, this is the most North any of us have ever been in Canada. Here the days are long and the wildlife is plentiful. The mountains are grand and the lakes are numerous. It all really hit home for us when we had our first day camping and the sun did not fully set until 11pm.

Check out the latest story about us on

We did an interview with Daryn Kagan a while ago, a former CNN news anchor gone independent.  She now has her own website with “happy news” and we were the latest story that she has put together.  It is nice to see that some people are doing a great job reporting on positive news instead of the sensational sad stories regularly out there.

The World by Road – Only possible with those who support us

It has been over two years that we have been on the road, and while we have made it back home the journey is not yet over. In some ways it has just begun. In three days we will leave for Alaska to start the final segment of the expedition to the farthest North point the road will take us in North America. This means that we will have driven from the most southern and northern points of the continents. The excitement of the crew is through the roof, but we realize that it was only possible with the help of all those who supported us for the last two years.

Alaska, The Final Frontier Fundraiser and Exhibition

Date and Time: Thursday, May 14th from 6pm – Midnight


The Soiled Dove Underground at Lowry
7401 E. 1st Ave.
Denver, CO 80230
Located east of the intersection of 1st Ave & Quebec Street


We have arrived

After over two years of being on the road, we have finally made it back to the point we started from. We are in Denver! It feels good to say, and it certainly feels good to know that we succeeded when many told us it was not possible or that we might fail. While we are completely out of money, the trucks are in desperate need of some help with all the lights flashing on the dashboards

I think we need him for border crossings

If you need me today, I’m afraid I will be unavailable. I am going to be standing in front of a mirror practicing this look. And once I have it mastered… I should be able to get away with absolutely ANYTHING!

Welcome Home Exhibition

We have secured a location for the welcome home event. It will be at Club Vinyl at 1082 Broadway, 9PM April 17th. We have the whole rooftop available for the exhibition of our video, photos and stories and everyone is invited to come and see it all, meet the crew and see the trucks. The trucks will be parked out front of the venue on the street in the late afternoon and throughout the night.