New Photos – Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay

At the end of a 500 mile road, in the middle of nowhere lies a town with a bleak name, of which no one knows where it came. It is freezing pretty much all year around, and no one calls this place home.  It is where the famed Alaskan Pipeline begins and where millions and millions of barrels of oil continually pass to feed our need for oil.  Deadhorse, the home town of Prudhoe Bay and the terminus of the Pan American Highway is the epitome of what my dad always used to joke about the oil industry…“Just go to the most inhospitable, uninhabitable place on earth instead of wasting money on a bunch of scientists predicting where oil is.”

Have a look for yourself.

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CATFind the rainbowRedwood CreekRedwood Creek WineRedwood Creek WineRedwood and TundraDrift WoodMission CompleteFrozen BeachFrozen WavesArctic OceanPrudhoe BayBumpSnowy BeachesSwinger in the ArcticBrave CraigWalkin on IceIn the ArcticCraig IILaced up in ArcticThe Arctic CrewTown of DeadhorseOver SizeDriving into TownIndustrial StuffChicken!TanksJoeFilling upTown Gas Station