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New Photos: From Denmark to the Ice Hotel

Of the many options with the expensive prices of gas in Europe, we opted for the route towards North Cape starting on a ferry from Germany to Denmark, followed by a series of bridges to get to Sweden.  The dash up to the Ice Hotel led us across the Arctic Circle and introduced all of […]

Munich, Just plain good.

Some people in Bavaria consider themselves Bavarians, not Germans. Many of the Germans we met outside of Bavaria, could not stand the place. TWBR on the other hand could not get enough. Bavaria is a place that for all practical purposes is a separate country from Germany. The beer halls and beer gardens are full […]

Hilpolstein Photos

In the south of Germany, in Bavaria, there is an enchanting little town called Hilpolstein. Steve Bouey made some friends there a few years back while doing a triathlon called the Quell Challenge. When he left there they invited him back and demanded that Hilpolstein be placed on the route of The World by Road. […]

Berlin Photos

It has taken forever to get more photos up and we all apologize. We have also been far behind on the blogs…and we apologize. We are also behind schedule…and we apologize. We are also extremely low on funds, and until we are able to raise enough money for South America, we will fall further behind, […]

TWBR Update

Just when we think we are getting caught up again, we realize that it has been a while since we have updated everyone on what we have been up to. The whirlwind through Europe continues. After an all out race to make the Newcastle ferry from Bergen, Norway (the ferry actually waited for us and […]