Hilpolstein Photos

In the south of Germany, in Bavaria, there is an enchanting little town called Hilpolstein. Steve Bouey made some friends there a few years back while doing a triathlon called the Quell Challenge. When he left there they invited him back and demanded that Hilpolstein be placed on the route of The World by Road.

Luggi, Diana, and Felix’s demand’s were met and we could not have had a better time here. It was hands down one of the highlights of the expedition. I have a feeling that all of us will visit this town and our new found friends (or old friends) many more times in our life. In fact, Bouey has even talked about moving here, to be quite honest he was actually tearing up when we left:)!

We had a chance to speak to the students at Felix’s school, we were in the newspaper, and Luggi even took us up in the fireman’s ladder at the Firehaus where he is a volunteer. By the time we left, after being in the newspaper and a few late nights at the local pub, we knew a lot of the people in the town and they were standing in the streets waving and smiling as we left for our journey south to Switzerland.

TWBR hearts Hilpolstein, thanks so much Luggi, Diana and Felix.

This castle is in the center of the small town giving it a nice old European feel.This is the view from the hill of the castle to the quaint little town that was our home forWomen with kids and bikes only.We went and spoke to the students at the local schoolThe kids eyes lit up when they knew they would get out of class to look at the trucksWe had to do the usual group photo.The local Toyota dealer was happy to have a look at the infamous new Tundra.More group photos, we had a lot of friends in Hilpolstein by the time we were done.German is just cool...its an Autohaus silly, not a dealership.We could not leave Germany without getting a proper German engineered rotation and balance for the Autobahn.It just feels good to know you are in the hands of the people that invented modern highways.The seal of the Hilpolstein Fire DepartmentLuggi gave us a demo of the trucks.What a nice set of German fir fighting tools.More German Firefighting toolsIt's the Feuerwehr, it saves lifes, it's German, nuff said.German firefighting suits, strangly simliar to American firefighting suits, only German.They still keep a sweet antique truck on the grounds.Diana, Luggi, Felix, our favorite family of the expedition.Mark is such a poser...ahhh watch me I am pretending to be a fireman!Luggi then took us up in the ladder...everyone has got to do this once...incredible!This is the view from the top of the ladder, are you afraid of heights?We had to pose with them and put on some fire suits, we just had to.This is true German style, a fire house for a town of about 5,000 with more than one truck per 1,000 people.