Munich, Just plain good.

Some people in Bavaria consider themselves Bavarians, not Germans. Many of the Germans we met outside of Bavaria, could not stand the place. TWBR on the other hand could not get enough. Bavaria is a place that for all practical purposes is a separate country from Germany. The beer halls and beer gardens are full of silly music, guys in Lederhosen doing silly dances with silly hats, and beer chugging masses. The locals talk about beer like the French talk about wine. In fact we all went to a beer drinking course two times while in the region that would rival any wine tasting in Bordeaux (maybe because you are encouraged to drink the whole beer instead of just a sip like with wine).

No one takes things too seriously in Bavaria. It is a land where beer flows like water, people are focused on a good time, and the citizens hold on to their culture stronger than many places we have been in the world. I will continue to be confused for the rest of my life why anyone would not love it here, but I guess it just takes a good sense of humor to enjoy all that Munich and the area have to offer. Like most places we visited in Germany, this is on the must return to list. So for all of you too hot to trot fancy pantsies, I will be happy to enjoy a glass of wine with you and talk about the wonders of aging expensive cheeses, but your cries about the unruliness of the Bavarians will fall on deaf ears…I love those guys.

The Bavarian countryside...just lovely.Honestly I do not remember why or where we took this photo of a photo in Bavaria, but it's cool.For us sometimes finding either one of these brings the same level of excitement.One of countless fine beer drinking establishments in Munich.Here in Bavaria this is pretty much the way you look the whole time.Thomas, the man who runs the Easy Palace Hostel was generous enough to give us a couple of free nights lodging and one all you cThe usual group photo.  One word of advice, go to the Easy Palace some day in your life.Jagermeister, the favorite of the BavariansDigital cameras are fascinating while drinking fine German beer.Okay so we have 2 Togrogs, 1 Euro, 1 Pound and a Franc, what will that get us?The streets of MunichMore. More More.Ummmmmm.Can anyone tell me what this is used for.Steve was a little traumatized after he visited the local Bavarian